>> PICANTE: The All Red Party
Friday, 13.OCT.17 @ TBD, Gainesville FL.
Music by Mr. Magnum x DJ Mellohype x DJ Krypton

>> HYPNOTIK: The Ultimate Caribbean Party
Friday, 10.NOV.17 @ Rain Nightclub, Gainesville FL.
Music by Mr. Magnum x DJ Mellohype x DJ Krypton

>> THE GOLD STANDARD: The All Gold Hypnotik
Friday, 08.DEC.17 @ TBD, Gainesville FL.
Music by Mr. Magnum x DJ Mellohype x DJ Krypton

>> DAYLIT: The Experience
Saturday, TBD @ McSorley's Beach Pub, Ft. Lauderdale Beach FL.
Music by Mr. Magnum x Mari.G x DJ Fergie x DJ Springer x DJ Krypton x more!

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Established in 2008 under a pseudo brand of "MadMan Grafix & Promo", one man set out on a mission to redefine graphic design, promotions, and marketing, and bring a whole new spotlight to the social scene. With the partnership of a few inspiring individuals, the fraternity he created began to grow and transform, taking on various aliases to better suit its purposes and services. As it expanded, the fraternity began to specialize not only in graphic design, but also in marketing, promotions, and overall nightlife, and rebranded itself from "MadMan Grafix & Promo" as an initial concept of design and promotions, to "Mad Creations Graphics & Promo" as a partnering collaboration which expanded its reach, to "The Asylum Project" as a social concept collective that adapted a ore mainstream nightlife appeal.. However, the progression did not stop there.

Rebranded again in 2012, Aviators Design Studio has travelled through space and time, reinventing itself, developing its talents, and incorporating more individuals from various backgrounds with aspiring dreams to give back to the community. As a collaboration of design, marketing, modeling, musical service and expertise, event planning, promotions, and photographic opportunities, we showcase highlights in entertainment, music, and social atmospheres. We have managed many events bringing in top named artists such as T.I., Sean Paul, Gyptian, T.Rone, and RaVaughn; and have collaborated to bring to the community many major events such as the annual caribbean festival known only as "Carnival" [pronounced “kah-nee-vahl”], and the world-renown caribbean paint fete that goes by no other name except "J’Ouvert" [pronounced “joo-vay”], as well as many other well-known and accomplished projects. We have also recently expanded our scope of service to include the sale of various merchandise, such as #AviatorsEndorsed apparel under the name of #AviatorsCargo, and have launched a new line of clothing in preparation for the Carnival lifestyle and festivities, under the branded name #Carnival365Clothing with the slogan, "We fete'n all year round".

With such an extensive and ever broadening resume, Aviators Design Studio, commonly known as "Aviators Marketing," stands today as the ultimate premier marketing fraternity, providing anything and everything for your social, professional, and personal needs. With our wings spread all over North America, several islands in the Caribbean, and various parts of Europe, we work in a mindset of constant progression, never stepping down from a challenge, and always supporting the progression of others despite benefit or lack thereof. Joining forces with #TeamMrMagnum, #StrikasEnt, and #NoirSounds, we take flight everyday under the mantra, “Fly High, Fly Far."


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