JUNGLE FEVER: Costume Party x Glow Party x Hypnotik

Friday, 08 Sep 2017 | Rain Nightclub, Gainesville, FL

Possibly the craziest club party hype Gainesville has ever felt, but DEFINITELY the sexiest club party vibe Gainesville has ever seen, this installment of Hypnotik denotes the first annual chapter of its kind and highlights an early birthday celebration of one of its co-founders and proud hypemaster, Ray aka DiRealMadMan, as well as the immediate birthday of one of this installment's theme motivators, Trina Woo. "Jungle Fever" incorporates the artistic sensualities of the "Empresses of Hypnotik" donned in African tribal masks and ultraviolet full-body paint. Combined with the already ever-growing hype that Hypnotik has to offer, Jungle Fever stands as the official dancehall glow party of the Hypnotik brand and reigns as September's official party.

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